Everything Went White

by Pale Crow

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Just a year after the band’s formation Pale Crow manage to prove that early 90s altenative rock is safe and sound having the time of it’s life in 2015 in Moscow. Their debut album will be released on November 27 and is set to be a seminal record for the roaring Russian indie scene.

Not only is “Everything Went White” a reminder of the 90's alternative glory, it is also a convincing demonstration of Pale Crow’s ambition to rock and be heard among their already standing tall stage comrades like Jack Wood, Glintshake, Sonic Death.

The band’s name itself contains a paradox, a duality defining the trio’s creative vision. Standing on the shoulders of past era’s giants like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, Black Flag, early Sub Pop bands, they speak the language of today’s youth, the millenials, generation Y - whatever you may call them. Pale Crow get their peers and resonate with their space and time.


released November 27, 2015

Pale Crow are Alex, Vik and Nik.
All music and lyrics by Pale Crow.

Produced by Pale Crow.
Engineered by SshO, Mike Safronov.
Recorded at DTH Studios.
Mixed by SshO at DTH Studios.
Mastered by Alexander Perfilyev at Sonic Maniacs Mastering.
Album cover photo by Igor Anufriev.
Art and design by Pale Crow.



all rights reserved


Pale Crow Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: The Ocean
We walked down beside the Ocean
We woke up and watched the rain
She said I’m faint, but I'm okay

A well-known for my devotion
Devotion to everything
She said the Ocean feeds on me

You gotta take me to the other side
You've got me high
Ooh baby take it other way
I'm fading out and out away.

I allow you to touch my soul right there
Where no one cares
Allow me fall into thee love and fair
Put helmet on, we ride to hell
Track Name: Cold
The life was left behind
Dawn separates my time
You better read your mind
In frozen land we ride

Dream on dream on
Too far too lone
And if you go
Dream on...

Tall cities filled with haze
We meant to lead this chase
They want us laid to waste
Where strangers hate each's face

All those tired in the Sun
They always need the One
In a bad of the Run
All who’s watching through the shame
They always take a blame
In a gentle pain..
Lost in the Game
Overdoing till they drown
(And) Love will fade away
Overthrowing what they proud of..

Dream on dream on
Too far too lone
And if you go
Dream on...
Track Name: Homeless Freedom
Forever wrong.

Drowned in a cup

Through his dive in the sea,

He waived his fee.

Yearned after all,

No longer free.

The dirt he’s ever thrown

On my way,

You know, it always turned to stair...


Ran off the chase

Though I made them believe.

No I don't feel.

Broken and numb,

No longer real

Was it all inverted?

Day by day.

You know, he always stared at me...




Track Name: Maybe
Take it a bit closer if you can
Now you let me doing what you will
Climb to open window to your floor
Let me be the snake I'll brake your law

I'm out of my mind or being wasted
But if you roll it further way
I won't attend your wedding day
Cause i’ve already buried you.

Sit and watch the fire little boy
The flame will tempt and kill for just a joy
The life is such a curious disease
For story how the prey became the beast

I’m out of my mind or being wasted
But if you roll it further way
I won't attend your wedding day
Cause i have already buried you.

I'm out of my mind or being wasted
But if you roll it further way
I won't attend your wedding day
Cause I have already buried you
In May
I have already buried you.
Track Name: One Day Running
One day running over the hill
Little one
I’ve seen birds flying over the bill
‘seen the sun

Down by the river under the trees
I’ve met my one
She waived me tender and blew me a kiss
Then she’s gone

Her shining smile
Ensnared me and dazzled my eye
Her dress snow-white
I Can’t admit if she’s a lie
I don’t know why
I wanna sing when the song is over and over and over again

All my life those fancies and dreams
Can’t leave my mind
I wanna get back and run on that leaves
And meet her eye

Now I’m standing up on that hill
And see no leaf
They chained my river and cut out the trees
A bitter grief..
Track Name: Fat Barber
Just another empty face
But I need no one to confess
I'm bound to hide it tight
But someone's gonna treat your mind

By night
Fat barber cuts you out
By night.

Cast away the score is drawn
Leaves had gone left trees alone
By sin we all 've been made
The more we know the more he 'll take

By night
Fat barber cuts you out
By night.
Track Name: Complaint
She’s got to be your woman
But she makes you feel the same wrong and thrown
Ooh Lord, let me drive you home:

Hustle and buzz:
Our Mary’s back in town.
Sheeny little face
Don’t mess around!
Hey, Babe,
You’re gonna make them wallets pray

No matter how you try
You gotta be on high
To face this truth
The love is in the air
Let’s ride the electric chair
Over and over again
You’re choosing your complaint

God sent us far
You gotta feel it till the grave
Track Name: Ain't My Thing
The song
For those who tell me:
“Think how to make a real livelihood”
It ain’t really my thing
I’ve never been a far-seeing dude
My peers counting money
And classmate has baby or two
I’m here
Playing guitar riff
What ’m I gonna do?

The song
For jerks who tell me:
“Get haircut, get stock, don’t be fool”
It ain’t really my thing
I’ve never been sweet-looking dude
My peers always whining
And classmate feels pityable too
I’m still
Fucking around here
So, What ‘m I gonna do?
Track Name: Chase out of Race
Chase out of race
Gas to the limit
Face to face
With geek of disgrace
Bet is a passion
Bet as a wrath
Devil turns
Sings and burns

The best revelation
For those who can't win:
Colt and gin
Invite my death in
Time's gettin faster
All ain't enough
What 've I come to
Bet on you

I'm givin up here
So kill me now or fade away
You sing in my ear
You're having fun and i get paid
Track Name: Summer Rain
The time fades away
All depth of memory
I wanna stay in there
But find an apathy

Verse 1:
Bare hands, no gloves
Killers on a dose
They set on bleed
Mother and her baby kid

Thunderbombs will sail away
Falling down with summer rain

Verse 2:
Heroes formally
Shame new poetry
Heroes normally / Blood left no stain
Father soon was done in jail

Thunderbombs will sail away
Somewhere noises call my name
Only memory I paint
(you) Hold me close in summer rain...